CDX Cheat Codes

Omikron: the Nomad Soul (PAL)

Have Infinite Rings

847B9457 000000C8

Have Infinite Seteks

59A76E00 0000270F

Energy Stats At 200

599F6E00 000000C8

Fight Xp Set High

2FD77A12 000000C8

Dodge Stats At 200


Body Resistance Stats At 200

EE9F01C3 000000C8

Attack Stats At 200

BE3623DA 000000C8

Speed Stats At 200

90A013A0 000000C8

Mana Stats At 200

6C9B7216 000000C8

Infiniteintie Ammo – Double Waver

5A076E00 000000A0

Infinite Ammo – Octogun

87DB9457 000000A0

Infinite Ammo – Decagun

ACC348C6 000000A0

Infinite Ammo – Megazooka

D2D09A88 000000A0

Infinite Ammo – Hypra

D2E89A88 000000A0

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