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Game: Sonic 2 -USA
User: Cloud1921
Date: 2001-06-22 21:32:35


Downsampled all of the adx files to 11025Hz, left channel.

Then downsampled the the sound of all
SFD files to 22050Hz, left channel.

Bin Hacking:

Apply hack3 to all of the bins with <2nd MSINFO>

then in 1st_read.bin, search for:

“CDE4 436A” and change it to “0900 0900”

then, again in 1st_read.bin, search for:

“1032 0D8B” and change it to “0800 0D8B”


Success- Selfbootable


Sonic2 is a total of 688mb when selfbooted.

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