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Game: sonic adventure 2
Date: 2001-08-09 10:55:28


downsampled 5 sfd files. I then had to fix those files because they used a new multiplexer made by sega.
I also changed all adx files to mono. I downsampled a few to 22050 htz. Also had to loop all adx files. (takes forever)

Bin Hacking:

dahack 1st_read.bin, 2_dp.bin, sg_dpldr.bin, maigo.bin
also in 1st_read.bin – change cde4 436a to 0900 0900
and also chane 1032 00d8b to 0800 od8b


?uccess selfboots , finally after all this time Confused


my previous release of this game had problems with all the sfd files. sfd’s that were downsampled need to be downsampled by a new sega multiplexer.

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