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Game: Outtrigger USA
User: DC Patcher
Date: 2001-08-30 13:44:52



Bin Hacking:

1st note, don’t use hack3, or dahack etc!! you must use a hex editing program.
In the root directory of the cd, modification to the 1st_read.bin –
CDEB 22D1 —> 0900 22D1
6EB0 0000 —> 5A2E 0000

In the \TOOLS directory of the game, 1ST_READ.BIN
02E0 04A0 —> 00E0 04A0
CDE4 436A —> 0900 0900
5EB0 0000 —> 9600 0000


Success, nice selfbooter at 11700


This is for a selbooting game! Dont use hack3, or dahack etc. Also, common sega, give us some real mean protection to crack, this is just easy, the only game youve given us with real mean protection was stupid invadors, and that werent worth the cracking time. MSR & Jetset radio were just more lamers like this!

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