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Game: Ready 2 Rumble Boxing – PAL
User: Eleven of 9
Date: 2001-07-07 19:20:07


None – just rename track04.wav – track06.wav to track01.wav – track03.wav

Bin Hacking:

dahack 1st_read.bin 34085
cdda 1st_read.bin

Hex edit 1st_read.bin
change: 01 E4 03 A0 02 E4 01 A0 03
to: 00 E4 03 A0 00 E4 01 A0 00

Binhack 1st_read.bin / ip.bin 34085


Selfboots in 60Hz (no need to search for menus for the 60Hz switch any more)


Ony do the hex editing if using a PAL console & your TV can accept the 60Hz signal.

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