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Game: Resident Evil 2 GER / PAL
Date: 2002-04-03 17:33:35


Nothing. See notes

Bin Hacking:

bincon 0winceos.bin 1winceos.bin
then rename 1winceos.bin to 0winceos.bin
after that, binhack and enable “uses Sega OS” in IP.BIN with IP4WIN
Additional, change all references in BIO2DC.EXE from roomcut.bi2 and .bi3 to roomcut.bin


Success! Nice selfbooter
After 15 (!) Coasters
Looks like Zhevon’s Dreamrip reads shit out of some GD’s if you choose the “rip whole gd-rom” function. You should do a filerip then. Don’t forget to create the directories! This only works in linux


i think .bi2 and .bi3 are dummy files (they show no differences), so i deleted them and hacked BIO2DC.EXE.

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