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Game: Sonic Adventure 1 EUR/PAL
User: VanBeat (
Date: 2001-09-28 21:21:24


All ADX files and all SFD files

Bin Hacking:

I make it in 4 steps:
1)uses binpatch 1.06 by Eiffel
2)then hack3 to all bin files except ip.bin (0 if BootCD or 11702 if selfbootable)
3)then use binhack:
– put 1st_read.bin in the first question
– put ip.bin in hte second
– and finally put the 2nd msinfo number (0 if BootCD or 11702 is selfbootable)


The gam…. sorry, the backup rules very good Wink


This is my first game ripped and hacked, it’s so easy, but the ripping time is very high (about 28 hours Razz). I hope that I help you.

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