Artemis released

As a little side project, I’ve forked Dnawrkshp’s Artemis PS3 and added the following network features:

  • Online Cheat Database: access to the latest cheats for over +2300 games online.
  • Local Database Update: download and update your local cheat database with the latest codes.


on the UI, these are the new features available:

  • Added Online DB option (main menu)
  • Added Update local cheats (options menu)
  • Added L1/R1 triggers to improve game list browsing
  • Added user confirmation dialog when unloading the plugin (Square on the main menu)
  • Added exit to XMB without changes (Circle on the main menu)

I’ve also updated the MAMBA payloads (PRX Loader 4.84.2), and included the Artemis sprx plugin from vr5 (by @haxxxen ).

Download Artemis PS3 (
Source code available on GitHub

Submitting cheat codes to the online database

To share new games and cheat codes with the community:

  1. Fork the repository and add your changes to this folder.
  2. Submit a pull request so the updated cheats are available to every Artemis user.

Find more information at

One thought on “Artemis released”

  1. hello my name is vitor, i was the first in the NFS MW 2k12 community to use artemis, today we have many people who use this tool and we are very happy with it!!! however we have a doubt , it would be possible to add one more option to activate mods of example today there is once and constant would have the possibility of putting one more ?u to make a SRPX MOD MENU so that artemis has more options of activation or deactivation of codes? thank you so much for this amazing tool.

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