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VMU save files links fixed!

I’ve just realized that my Dreamcast VMU saves download links were not working, due to a change over SourceForge’s servers. Frown

I fixed the links, updated the VMU listings, and now everything should be back online!

Don’t worry, even if our beloved last SEGA console is 10+ years old, I still care about it and I’ll keep my downloads, tools and VMU files available. Smile

My Dreamcast source code on SVN

For those who are worried…. my Dreamcast blog is not dead! Smile
I´m just pretty far away from the DC scene lately, and I don´t have the needed time to keep developing new stuff.

So, before everything gets vanished from my hard drives, I decided to upload into SourceForge´s SVN servers the source code from all the Dreamcast tools and apps I coded in the last few years. Cool

My project´s Subversion repository can be checked out through SVN with the following instruction set:

svn co vmutool

Note: This is a generic Subversion checkout command which will pull all modules, tags and/or branches of the project.
You can browse the repository with your web browser; in most cases, you will want to add ´/trunk´ to the HTTPS URL above to check out only trunk (main development line).

Shenmue PAL Save Converter (Beta)

As I´ve promised at, I made the Shenmue Save Converter so you can load your completed Shenmue 1 save on Shenmue 2 PAL.
Download the beta version: shenfix_beta.rar

If someone wants, burn the selfboot image (Padus DiscJuggler .CDI) and try it out.

Some notes about it: you might notice the logos and screens saying ´VMZip´, but dont worry, its because I didnt have time to make new screens for the beta.
Using the converter is pretty simple: browse and select your Shenmue 1 savefile, press “A”, and then select the destination VMU to save the fixed PAL Shenmue save.

My suggestion for beta testing: save the converted file in a different VMU, so you won´t overwrite your existing (and WORKING!) save file.

If it works nice for the “beta testers”, then I can do a proper ´official´ release. Smile

I hope to hear your comments, c ya!

GameShark / ActionReplay CDX Cheat Code Database

So… yesterday I was messing around with some files I had with tons of GameShark codes, and I decided to build an online Dreamcast cheat code database using PHP+MySQL. Cool

Right now there are 3500+ GameShark/ActionReplay CDX cheat codes for 254 dreamcast games, but I’ll keep adding more games and codes I’ve around. I also have a couple of related projects in mind that will help Dreamcast’s gamers to handle cheat codes. Grin

You can access the GameShark / ActionReplay CDX Cheat Code Database here:

I hope this page is useful for the Dreamcast community! Smile

VMU Saves update

Some weeks ago I used my VMU2GIF tool with all the Dreamcast saves I had around, just to see how strong was my tool after all. Smile

With all those Dreamcast icons around, I had to do something with them. Wink
So, I uploaded those .gif icons to my web server and now I can proudly announce that my VMU Saves Archive will display the original Dreamcast icon of each save available! Grin

I know it’s just a cosmetic update, but I belive it’s a nice touch! LOL