VMU save files links fixed!

I’ve just realized that my Dreamcast VMU saves download links were not working, due to a change over SourceForge’s servers. Frown

I fixed the links, updated the VMU listings, and now everything should be back online!

Don’t worry, even if our beloved last SEGA console is 10+ years old, I still care about it and I’ll keep my downloads, tools and VMU files available. Smile

7 thoughts on “VMU save files links fixed!”

  1. Meng , how do I get the musics from your DreamOn CD ? The one with both ZIP app and save compilation

    I put it in Isobuster but still can’t find the music !!! Cheers much for your excellent work !!!!

  2. 0mG ! Thanx Bucanero !

    The front menu song is nice too =} Checked your githubs but didn’t notice it er I am blind

    Too bad the saves’ texts cut-off , I need to poke through all on the PC

    Again , thank you !!!

  3. your dreamcast codes are brilliant however the code for infinite health rayman 2 great escape only works until he tries to pick up a exploding barrel he picks it up but leaves it in mid air so you cant get past the fairy glade no matter what you try…mick

  4. Hello El Bucanero, thank you for your work, I testing laucher with my gdemu, perfect !! It’s amazing !

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