VMU save files links fixed!

I’ve just realized that my Dreamcast VMU saves download links were not working, due to a change over SourceForge’s servers. Frown

I fixed the links, updated the VMU listings and now everything should be back online!

Don’t worry, even if our beloved last SEGA console is 10+ years old, I still care for it and I’ll keep my downloads, tools and VMU files available. Smile

5 thoughts on “VMU save files links fixed!”

  1. Meng , how do I get the musics from your DreamOn CD ? The one with both ZIP app and save compilation

    I put it in Isobuster but still can’t find the music !!! Cheers much for your excellent work !!!!

  2. 0mG ! Thanx Bucanero !

    The front menu song is nice too =} Checked your githubs but didn’t notice it er I am blind

    Too bad the saves’ texts cut-off , I need to poke through all on the PC

    Again , thank you !!!

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