Dreamcast is alive! (on YouTube)

I was fooling around searching random stuff on Google, and I was surprised to find that the old VMU Backup CD I coded for the SEGA Dreamcast was actually recorded on a YouTube video. Grin

So many good old memories came back life while I was watching my VMU disc booting on a TV screen once again! Smile

Anyways, here’s the video, just for the record:

9 thoughts on “Dreamcast is alive! (on YouTube)”

  1. I just saw this video today, incredible. And thanks for this vmu cd, I used it when I had the dreamcast, a long time ago. Thank you El bucanero.

  2. I found your video astonishing having played almost every dream cast game over the years..i’m 79 now & my grandchildren keep trying to convert me to Xbox play station… no way!!!!.El bucanero is the best site i’ve ever used for cheat codes.only ever had one code that didn’t work it was infinite energy for RAYMAN 2.I think it messed about with the FAIRY GLADE level.anyway thanks a million for the video…Michael Kemp.

    1. thanks for your comments Michael!
      it’s nice to see that the SEGA Dreamcast is still alive, and keeps a bunch of hardcore fans around the world Smile

      I can’t help with the Rayman codes, as I have no clue about it. Perhaps in specific cheating websites or forums they have more codes or cheats.

      Now I’ve moved into the PlayStation arena, but I’ll always keep my Dreamcast codes and resources available Wink


  3. Dear El Bucanero,

    Greetings from Virginia! I am a longtime Dreamcast fan, and just last weekend, an old friend and I met up and played DC all day long. I was sad I didn’t have the right save to have every MvC 2 character unlocked. I thought I would have to unlock it all myself later on. But then… I found your tool. Oh my goodness. It is too good to be true! But truly, it is soooo good. I am so impressed and I want to thank you so much for this awesome resource. You deserve an award! You have made this old-school gamer very happy. Thank you for all your hard work. You rule! Long live the Dreamcast!


    1. Hello Jimmy, thanks for your message! I’m glad to know that my VMU disc was useful and saved you a lot of time unlocking stuff by hand. Smile

      Now that you mention, my VMU CD did won an award in a Dreamcast homebrew competition many years ago! Grin

      btw, if you haven’t tried it yet, check my VMZip app: a simple tool that let you compress your save games on the VMU if you’re running out of space.

      Long live the Dreamcast

  4. Posting here through a Dreamcast browser. Thanks for making this site dreamcast friendly!

  5. Hola Bucanero! Una cosa, los savegames del [Project Justice: Rival Schools 2] para Dreamcast no me funcionan (juego con GDemu). Tengo la versión PAL y he probado con el save de Europa y con los dem´s y no se desbloquea nada.

    ¿Se te ocurre alguna cosa que podría hacer? He probado también con códigos para Codebreaker pero para la versión PAL no hay códigos y los NTSC no funcionanThinking

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