VMU Backup CD v1.3.0 Released!

A new version (v1.3.0) of my VMU Backup CD is ready, and this time with a pretty nice surprise. Wink

The VMU CD now implements the VMU emulator SoftVMS by Marcus Comstedt (ported to KallistiOS by DirtySanchez).


  • VMU emulator SoftVMS implemented
  • Added more games and saves
  • 60 mini games available
  • 350 games listed with over 3200 saves

UPDATE: I’ve fixed the image. I did a clean rebuild, then made a .ISO with MKISOFS and then just “BIN2BOOT vmucd.iso /nohack”

I burned the disc, tried it on my Dreamcast and worked perfectly. yeah! Grin

Download it here! Cool

Btw, if you like my work, please take a minute to sign my guestbook and leave a comment! GrinI guess the usage it’s pretty simple, but in any case the controls are:

  • (UP) / (DOWN) Moves trough items
  • (TRIGGERS) Scroll item pages
  • (A) Confirm selection
  • (B) Cancel
  • (Y) Display credits screen
  • (X) Exits the VMU emulator

24 thoughts on “VMU Backup CD v1.3.0 Released!”

  1. Excellent work. This is something any Dreamcast fan should have. However, there is one thing that might need improvement. The font is hard to read. I?m not sure what type of font it is but the letters are too close together and some times the background blurs the letters.
    Besides that, maybe an actual game intro to the disk, some game images or something? Also, there are some other cool utilities for the Dreamcast such as a mp3 player, gameshark, and others. Maybe there is a way to incorporate them as well.
    Again, congrats on this release, it?s real quality stuff.

  2. Te felicito por la VMU Backup CD (es una maravilla se ahorra uno bastantes conectadas a internet) que es una idea que se podria llamar “obia” pero que nadie se habia atrevido hacer y una sugerencia para la misma VMU Backup CD seria posible que le cambiaras el tipo de letra por otra mas legible.

    Saludos desde Mexico!!!Grin

  3. Hola , me he llevado una grata sorpresa con tu trabajo , andaba como loco buscando algo asi hace tiempo , pero tengo una duda, los minijuegos para vmu se puede meter en la vmu ??? o solo se puede jugar desde el cd??? eske me molaria meterlos ahi pa llevarlos donde yo valla. Salu2 y gracias por tu tiempo y trabajo.

  4. Excelente trabajo.La recopilación ahorra muchisimo trabajo.Este CD es una autentica joya.Felicitaciones y muchisimas gracias

  5. Greetings to all! Excuse for this message, but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me, I shall come here very often!

  6. Ola bucanero, grabe tu cd pero pensaba que se podian meter los minijuegos a la vmu, me puedes decir como se hace?

  7. The VMU backup cd seems to be really interesting, but I have a problem. It doesn’t run on my DC. I burned it in a SONY cd, maybe that’s whyGrin
    But seriously, does it need to be burned in a special way?

  8. Wonderful thing. VMU Backup is great. It’s my favourite DC soft Wink
    Excellent job my friend!! Keep up the good work!!
    Greetings from Polonia!!

  9. Hi there,
    Have just discovered this site as have recently got my Dreamcast out to play with again. I have tried downloading and burning the file onto CD but it doesn’t boot in my (UK/PAL) Dreamcast. Am I missing something? Could you or anyone give me some help?
    Thanks in advance, when I do get this working its going to be very useful!!

  10. Hi,
    I have been having trouble getting this to work. I have downloaded the file, unzipped it and burnt it onto a CD but when I out it in the console nothing happens and it just goes to the main menu. Can anyone help me out a bit please? Cheers in advance

      1. Copying mini-games to the VMU is not supported, they can only run in the built-in emulator.
        I should have noted this limitation when I released my VMU Backup CD, sorry!

  11. Hey man, my dad had this back in like 2010, and I grew up downloading saved games off it. I randomly got thinking, what is the banging music playing in the background?

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