Shenmue PAL Save Converter (Beta)

As I´ve promised at, I made the Shenmue Save Converter so you can load your completed Shenmue 1 save on Shenmue 2 PAL.
Download the beta version: shenfix_beta.rar

If someone wants, burn the selfboot image (Padus DiscJuggler .CDI) and try it out.

Some notes about it: you might notice the logos and screens saying ´VMZip´, but dont worry, its because I didnt have time to make new screens for the beta.
Using the converter is pretty simple: browse and select your Shenmue 1 savefile, press “A”, and then select the destination VMU to save the fixed PAL Shenmue save.

My suggestion for beta testing: save the converted file in a different VMU, so you won´t overwrite your existing (and WORKING!) save file.

If it works nice for the “beta testers”, then I can do a proper ´official´ release. Smile

I hope to hear your comments, c ya!

22 thoughts on “Shenmue PAL Save Converter (Beta)”

  1. Hey,

    Terribly sorry for how late this response is. School’s back, ive been a bit busy, sorry.

    Anyways, you probably already know this but the shenfix works beautifily. All of my items and moves have converted over. Ill be planning to redo shenmue 1 again for fun.

    Thanks for you help, I hope others can find it useful as well. If you need anything else tested feel free to ask and ill try to test it sooner.


  2. Increíble! Desde que terminé Shenmue 1 estoy esperando algo así. Voy a descargarlo a ver si funciona.

    Gracias, Bucanero!

  3. olá, gostaria de saber como posso me comunicar com o hykan do rip database do game D2.

  4. che, ni de casualidad vendes tu BBA + GDrom de Inet + VGa box? jajaja re pedigueño. Grin, si lo vendes me avisas por email? muy buena tu web, solo q tenes media perdida a la Dreamcast che! Wink

  5. hola lo probe en el emulador y funciono pero lo grabe y la dc no lo toma ni siquiera arranca se queda leyendo mal y no lo toma hay que grabarlo de otra manera ? gracias

  6. HEY! Please can you help me out here!

    I have PAL save files of Shenmue 1 but my disc 3 has stopped working. The only ISO of the 3rd disc I could get was the US edition but it can’t load my PAL data. With your converter, is it possible to change my memory file into US form?

    Thank you! Please get back!

  7. Could you reupload or email to me a new copy of shenfix? I’d really like to use it, and it sounds promising.


  8. How does this work? lol Do u download it then burn it to a cd then put it in your dreamcast? i dont know much about computers and stuff i just love Shenmue and dreamcast

  9. Por fin!!, creí que nunca usaria el juego del shenmue 1 en el 2 pal, que alegria!, gracias bucanero, y que mal que no se le haya ocurrido a sega en todo caso…en fin, que contento estoy!!!

  10. Doesn’t seem to work. I save to the same VMU (timestamp of vmu_data_port01.bin updates).

    Shenmue 2 won’t allow me to load/continue.

    Is there an issue with saving my “cleared” save to slot 2 in Shenmue 1?

    Shenmue 1 NTSC can’t load the original saves (I backed up the VMU, so it’s ok).

    I’ll try a different Shenmue 2 version then report back.

  11. Actually, it DOES work! You had to go to New Game, not Continue/Load. I was confused, that’s all Smile

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