GameShark / ActionReplay CDX Cheat Code Database

So… yesterday I was messing around with some files I had with tons of GameShark codes, and I decided to build an online Dreamcast cheat code database using PHP+MySQL. Cool

Right now there are 3500+ GameShark/ActionReplay CDX cheat codes for 254 dreamcast games, but I’ll keep adding more games and codes I’ve around. I also have a couple of related projects in mind that will help Dreamcast’s gamers to handle cheat codes. Grin

You can access the GameShark / ActionReplay CDX Cheat Code Database here:

I hope this page is useful for the Dreamcast community! Smile

11 thoughts on “GameShark / ActionReplay CDX Cheat Code Database”

  1. Hello I have two questions:

    Do you have codes of Gameshark for the game SUPER ROBOT WARS ALPHA?

    How can I pass UMU saves to the Memory?

    my mail is lenin01@hotmail .com

  2. Hello i’m Paolo from Italy, i’m writing to you cause the code for resident evil 2 ( pal version ) you had in your database ( that are the same of codejunkies ) in my case
    don’t work , I own an original pal version of the game , i try with any other code
    i see surfing in Internet without any result , ( the codes was preload in the disc action replay i own and are the same of yours ) Have you nay idea about this strange thing ? Sorry for the time i stole to you , Thank you very much for every answers and information and most of all for your great job.

  3. Hi again , i’m Paolo from Italy , about my previous message finally i find out how to make the codes work, so if you want to add this little tips on the database the trick is to load the cdx with the codes on , deplug the vmu if is plugged before any choose, start games with code and then load the game, after the complete load of the game you can put the vmu on. Hoping this can be useful for someonelse . Many regards Paolo

    1. hi paolo have the same problem with codes for dreamcasts rayman 2 the great escape . i cant get further than picking up the exploding barrels in the fairy glade he picks up the barrel then walks away without it.ive tried everything.mick.

  4. i think the link for the gameshark codes is down. i would apreciate that you try to fix it, i really need those gs codes. thanks

  5. Yeah, I know that many pages of my site (like the Rip DB, the CDX cheats and the VMU saves) are down at the moment, but don’t worry because everything will be back online ASAP.

    I’ve devoted many years of my coder’s & gamer’s life to the Dreamcast, so I won’t give up my DC this time, don’t worry. Smile

  6. Hi, I looked through the dreamcast codes and didnt see any cdx codes for SHENMUE 2, im looking for some for the pal version…. did they even make any for it?

  7. i wonder if its just me ? but when i use your codes for infinite health in rayman2 the great escape, i cant get further than the exploding barrel in fairy glade.I’ve tried everything in the book but nothing works.rayman picks up the barrel but walks off leaving it in mid air.I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve had no problems at all with your codes .PS-the game plays ok without the code/codes ON.

  8. hi Michael here–thanks for being patient with me on my rayman 2 query. I’m totally obsessed with finding the problem with the code
    & hoping to resolve the bug.Your site is the best cheat code site I’ve ever used.and will be visiting again….thanks again Mick.

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