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DC Save Converter v1.0 released

This new Win32 GUI tool I´ve just released will help those who want to easily convert Dreamcast savefiles from .DCI, .VMI/VMS or plain raw saves to PlanetWeb´s .VMI/VMS format or Nexus .DCI format.
You’re also allowed to edit the file’s attributes like name, date, copy protected flag & data/game flag.
As an added bonus, this tool allows to extract the VMU icons and save them as animated .GIF files, so they can be used in webpages.

This tool was coded using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the C++ classes I made before and I used too for my previous VMU2GIF and DCI4VMI tools.

Click here to download the Win32 Setup package and the source code.

Note: You´ll need Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1+ to install this tool.

DC Save Converter v1.0

VMU2GIF v1.0 released

Today I’ve released another command-line tool for handling Dreamcast VMU save files. Grin
This tool is called VMU2GIF and allows you to extract the animated icons from save files (either in .DCI or .VMI/VMS format) and save them as .GIF files.

Here are some VMU2GIF examples, taken from some well known Dreamcast games:

Soul Calibur SeGaGaGa ShenmueResident Evil: CV

Downloads for VMU2GIF Win32 exe, Linux binaries and source code are available at my page. Smile

Have fun with this little DC tool! Cool

DCI4VMI v1.0 Released

I´ve been working on some basic VMU handling foundation C++ classes that I´m planning to use in a future version of my VMU CD application for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Right now, to test them I´ve coded a simple tool to convert savegames between Nexus .DCI format and .VMI/.VMS . I know there are other tools to do this same job, but I think this is the first tool to handle both-way conversions without any other parameter than source file and destination file (for .DCI target) or resource name (for .VMI/VMS target).

Edit: I did some small updates on my DCI4VMI command-line tool, and now everything it’s available at my page, including Win32 exe, Linux binaries and source code.

Click here to download. Please test this tool and post your comments. Wink

Merry Xmas & happy hollidays! Grin

First place in the 2nd annual Dream On coding contest!

Today Mickey McMurray (AKA MetaFox) announced the results of the 2nd annual Dream On Contest and my entry, a new version of my VMU CD, won the first place in the 4th category! Grin Cool
(if you don´t belive me, just check the above link and browse to the Tier 4) Wink

The new VMU CD includes my latest VMU Backup CD and VMZip in one single disc, with a nice menu interface to select between the two applications.
This new version hasn´t been released yet, but I´ll do my best to release it in the next few days, before I´m out of town for 2 weeks.

Btw, there´s also a Dream On Contest thread at DCEmulation´s forums where you can check the four different contest tiers and their prizes, see all the submited entries in each category, and of course you´re welcome to post your comments there too. Smile

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Dreamcast 10 commandments

  1. Dreamcast is the lord of consoles; no system is above it.
  2. Thou shall not commit adultery with another console.
  3. Honor thy Dreamcast and accessories.
  4. Thou shall not be foul in the presence of Dreamcast.
  5. Remember the inaguration of Dreamcast and keep it holy.
  6. Thou shall not worship another console.
  7. Infidels of Dreamcast will recieve allmighty titty twisters.
  8. Thou shall not insert extremities into the controler port.
  9. Treat Dreamcast in life as you would in death.
  10. Thou shall not emulate in the vicinity of Dreamcast.

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