DC Save Converter v1.0 released

This new Win32 GUI tool I´ve just released will help those who want to easily convert Dreamcast savefiles from .DCI, .VMI/VMS or plain raw saves to PlanetWeb´s .VMI/VMS format or Nexus .DCI format.
You’re also allowed to edit the file’s attributes like name, date, copy protected flag & data/game flag.
As an added bonus, this tool allows to extract the VMU icons and save them as animated .GIF files, so they can be used in webpages.

This tool was coded using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the C++ classes I made before and I used too for my previous VMU2GIF and DCI4VMI tools.

Click here to download the Win32 Setup package and the source code.

Note: You´ll need Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1+ to install this tool.

DC Save Converter v1.0

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