VMU CD Dream On Edition Released

I´ve just released the VMU CD version that won the first place in the 2nd Annual Dream On Contest. Grin

This new VMU CD includes my latest VMU Backup CD and VMZip in one single disc, with a nice menu interface to select between the two applications. Cool

Here´s the download link and some screenshots. Smile

Quoting from the included README file… :

This VMU CD is my entry for the Second Annual Dream On Contest (4th category)
( http://dreamon.cyberdogcastle.com/Main/DreamOnContest2 )

It contains 2 of my VMU utilities included: VMU Backup CD & VMZip.

Stand-alone versions of those tools and source code are available at my Web
site: https://www.bucanero.com.ar/ and at SourceForge.

VMU Backup CD

I guess you´re asking “and what is it?”… in short, its the greatest VMU save
collection ever made! (what a humble definition, uh?)

But its not just +3200 vmu saves for over 350 DC games, because everything is
packed with this pretty neat VMU app that I´ve coded specially for this disc,
so you can browse all the games, see all the saves and read the description of
each save.

The VMU Backup CD also implements the VMU emulator SoftVMS by Marcus Comstedt
(ported to KallistiOS by DirtySanchez).

The controls are:

  • (UP) / (DOWN) Moves trough items
  • (TRIGGERS) Scroll item pages
  • (A) Confirm selection
  • (B) Cancel
  • (Y) Display credits screen
  • (X) Exits the VMU emulator


Based on RockinB´s idea, I´ve created this new Dreamcast tool called VMZip.

The idea behind VMZip is simple but powerful: compress & decompress VMU save
files using BZip2 compression, and save the result file on a target VMU.

For example: you have a Quake 3 Arena save that takes 25 blocks, but you don´t
want to erase it to have free blocks for another game save. You can use VMZip
to compress the Q3A file, and the result will be a 3 blocks file. Now you´ve
22 free blocks, provided that you erase the original Q3A save and keep the
compressed file.


  • (A) selects
  • (B) cancel
  • (X) calculate compressed/decompressed file size
  • (Y) credits

8 thoughts on “VMU CD Dream On Edition Released”

  1. Thanks for your work, but I have few questions about it.
    1. ITS A BUG IN VMUZip 1.0.0 – when you compress and decompress save your save become:
    a) not copy protected even if it was protected – I think this flag must be the same as original
    b) not playable as mini game… Its really bad. The save become just crap – as I know this is just another lost flag.
    Can you fix it? Or maybe there is some vmu tool, that can modify theese flags?
    2. In Backup CD v 1.3.0 I cam just play VMU games on emu. How can I save them to my vmu to play on it?

    Thanks again. Ill be waiting for update.

  2. hey Viejo, como se pasan los minijuegos a la vmu con la version 1.3.0, la verdad e intentado pero no e podido por favor!

  3. I also can not save to VMU only play on vmu while in contrl in VMU Emulator. Love this Missed MY DC so much want games and chao editor TY much

  4. Hola bucanero realmente te has pasado con tanta utilidad para nuestra blankita de sega feliciaciones…
    Tengo una pregunta para ti

    Me ha bajado el VMU Dream On y la verdad es que al pasar VMU saves a mi vmu los archivos quedan corruptos e inutilizables los juegos no leen los archivos, por favor si conoces que es los que pasa o algun tutorial para solucionar esto seria de maravillas.

    muchas Gracias ojala y respondas a mi problema Neutral

  5. Well, I used daemon tool to mount this file. Then i ran the emulator Chankast Alpha 0.25 and everything went fine. When it said Dreamcast and that logo in the start did popup something about a error.

    The bar said “ioControl” and in the popup said “error”.

    BY THE WAY, Im VERY sorry for my english, did this in a hurry Razz

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