First place in the 2nd annual Dream On coding contest!

Today Mickey McMurray (AKA MetaFox) announced the results of the 2nd annual Dream On Contest and my entry, a new version of my VMU CD, won the first place in the 4th category! Grin Cool
(if you don´t belive me, just check the above link and browse to the Tier 4) Wink

The new VMU CD includes my latest VMU Backup CD and VMZip in one single disc, with a nice menu interface to select between the two applications.
This new version hasn´t been released yet, but I´ll do my best to release it in the next few days, before I´m out of town for 2 weeks.

Btw, there´s also a Dream On Contest thread at DCEmulation´s forums where you can check the four different contest tiers and their prizes, see all the submited entries in each category, and of course you´re welcome to post your comments there too. Smile


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