DCI4VMI v1.0 Released

I´ve been working on some basic VMU handling foundation C++ classes that I´m planning to use in a future version of my VMU CD application for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Right now, to test them I´ve coded a simple tool to convert savegames between Nexus .DCI format and .VMI/.VMS . I know there are other tools to do this same job, but I think this is the first tool to handle both-way conversions without any other parameter than source file and destination file (for .DCI target) or resource name (for .VMI/VMS target).

Edit: I did some small updates on my DCI4VMI command-line tool, and now everything it’s available at my SourceForge.net page, including Win32 exe, Linux binaries and source code.

Click here to download. Please test this tool and post your comments. Wink

Merry Xmas & happy hollidays! Grin

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