VMU2GIF v1.0 released

Today I’ve released another command-line tool for handling Dreamcast VMU save files. Grin
This tool is called VMU2GIF and allows you to extract the animated icons from save files (either in .DCI or .VMI/VMS format) and save them as .GIF files.

Here are some VMU2GIF examples, taken from some well known Dreamcast games:

Soul Calibur SeGaGaGa ShenmueResident Evil: CV

Downloads for VMU2GIF Win32 exe, Linux binaries and source code are available at my SourceForge.net page. Smile

Have fun with this little DC tool! Cool

One thought on “VMU2GIF v1.0 released”

  1. hola como estas espero que bien que si podia poner wallpapers de resident evil , parasite eve y tambien de full metal alquime

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