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VMZip v1.0.0 Released

Based on RockinB’s idea, I’ve created this new Dreamcast tool called VMZip.

The idea behind VMZip is simple but powerful: compress & decompress VMU save files using BZip2 compression, and save the result file on a target VMU.

For example: you have a Quake 3 Arena save that takes 25 blocks, but you don’t want to erase it to have free blocks for another game save. You can use VMZip to compress the Q3A file, and the result will be a 3 blocks file. Now you’ve 22 free blocks, provided that you erase the original Q3A save and keep the compressed file.

Take a look at the screenshots here.

Dowload VMZip v1.0.0 unscrambled binary (.BIN), selfboot inducer (.SBI) and source code from my site or

Controls: (A) selects, (B) cancel, (X) calculate compressed/decompressed file size, (Y) credits

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D2 Warp

Hoy recibí por correo el juego D2 Warp (version japonesa) para mi Dreamcast, enviado desde Hong Kong y comprado por eBay. Grin
Es la primera vez que compro un juego original para la Bukast (tengo que reconocer mi alevosa piratería), pero valió la pena ya que es probablemente el unico juego del que no hay copia pirata y que además es dificil conseguir un original. Cool
Sinceramente a estas alturas ya no podia faltar en mi colección… asi que gracias a unos dineros de un premio del Banco Rio de la Plata me decidí a comprarlo. Razz

El juego consta de 4 discos asi que voy a estar entretenido por un buen rato… ya contaré mi opinión del juego cuando lo juegue por completo.

VMU Backup CD v1.3.0 Released!

A new version (v1.3.0) of my VMU Backup CD is ready, and this time with a pretty nice surprise. Wink

The VMU CD now implements the VMU emulator SoftVMS by Marcus Comstedt (ported to KallistiOS by DirtySanchez).


  • VMU emulator SoftVMS implemented
  • Added more games and saves
  • 60 mini games available
  • 350 games listed with over 3200 saves

UPDATE: I’ve fixed the image. I did a clean rebuild, then made a .ISO with MKISOFS and then just “BIN2BOOT vmucd.iso /nohack”

I burned the disc, tried it on my Dreamcast and worked perfectly. yeah! Grin

Download it here! Cool

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Dreamcast Tools

I’ve added a whole bunch of Dreamcast tools available to download. Very useful for ripping, self booting and patching Dreamcast discs.
For those who want to rip their own GD-ROMs, I suggest to visit the Rip Database. You might find info on the disc you’re ripping, and also you’re welcome to post information about your own rips.

Beats of Rage Collection Vol. 2 Released

After some unexpected delays, finally brings you the ultimate Beats of Rage collection, featuring some of the finest mods the BoR world has to offer:

Beats of Rage Remix, Hatchet Ninjaz, Hyper Final Fight 1 & 2, Alien vs Predator, Dragons of Rage, Double Dragon Extreme & Rage of the Streets – the awesome work of modders like Mr.Q, Kingherb, Vision, AxelBlazeAdam and Hokutoy – all presented on one huge disc!

We’ve put a lot of work into this project and added small bugfixes and extra features to almost every mod in this compilation.

The games use the BoR game engine created by Senile Team, ported to DC by Neill Corlett and re-vamped by L@ Cible. That means full rumble support and 50Hz PAL / 60Hz NTSC selection.

Enjoy playing your favorite BoR mods again or discover what you’ve missed! More info and our currently biggest download weighing in at an incredible 500 MBytes compressed, can be found on our Beats of Rage Collection Volume 2 page.

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