VMZip v1.0.0 Released

Based on RockinB’s idea, I’ve created this new Dreamcast tool called VMZip.

The idea behind VMZip is simple but powerful: compress & decompress VMU save files using BZip2 compression, and save the result file on a target VMU.

For example: you have a Quake 3 Arena save that takes 25 blocks, but you don’t want to erase it to have free blocks for another game save. You can use VMZip to compress the Q3A file, and the result will be a 3 blocks file. Now you’ve 22 free blocks, provided that you erase the original Q3A save and keep the compressed file.

Take a look at the screenshots here.

Dowload VMZip v1.0.0 unscrambled binary (.BIN), selfboot inducer (.SBI) and source code from my site or SourceForge.net

Controls: (A) selects, (B) cancel, (X) calculate compressed/decompressed file size, (Y) credits

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Game Original Save Compressed
Hydro Thunder 8 4
Metropolis Street Racer 63 5
Metropolis Street Racer 68 5
NBA 2K2 68 12
NBA 2K2 157 48
SegaGaGa 15 4
Shenmue 2 18 6
Sonic Adventure 2 18 20
Soul Calibur 12 10
Super Magnetic Neo 3 3
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 15 5
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 40 8
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 40 12
Tomb Raider Last Revelation 33 5
Virtua Tennis 2 3

2 thoughts on “VMZip v1.0.0 Released”

  1. No tengo cds, pero haber si lo pruebo.

    Muy buen trabajo.

    ¿no se podria implementar este programa dentro de vmu backup en una futura versión?


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