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Game: Capcom Vs. SNK Millenium Fight 2000 GER/PAL
User: AreuWho THC
Date: 2001-06-19 21:31:29


All music files (adxxxxx.bin) filesize to 0
didn’t make it selfboot because with the music files set to 0, the iso size is still 688 MB, not enuff for selfboot on 700 MB CDR.

Bin Hacking:

binhack 1st_read.bin 0
binhack 2_DP.bin 0


Half success…


don’t press any buttons and the demos and so on will run fine (w/o the music of course), but if you press a button during that cycle, the screen will hang and you’ll hear “Capcom Vs. SNK – Millenium Fight 2000” — and that’s it. Maybe it MUST be selfboot, or maybe i hacked the program binaries wrong. Anyone who’s getting this tihs to work drop your knowledge right here please.

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