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Game: NCAA Football 2K2
User: K$
Date: 2001-11-02 21:52:26


I did not Downsample.
I used 99min CD’s
I overburned on a Plexter 2410

Bin Hacking:

Dahack 1st_read.bin 0

then modify main.bin
00034A8C: 2256 -> 6C39
00143670: 2256 -> 6C39
0021991A: 8828 -> 0800
0021AC9D: 708305 -> 300500
0021EBAA: 1632 -> 1800


Using nero
I burned a mode1 CD.
I need the Utipia CD, but it works


I compared the files I downloaded off the internet with the original files. If anyone else can do the same, I would appreciate it.

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