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Game: Quake3 Arena -PAL by Gasratte
User: by Gasratte –
Date: 2001-06-07 11:25:56


Convert all trackxx.raw to trackxx.wav
Raw2wav *.raw

Rename track04.wav as track01.wav,
Rename track05.wav as track02.wav
Rename track06.wav as track03.wav…
Move “track01.wav – track16.wav” to C:\Selfboot\Cdda

Burn all CDDA Track at the 1st Audio session
dir /b /o /s c:\selfboot\cdda\track*.wav > CDDATXT.TXT
cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -multi -audio -speed=x @CDDATXT.TXT

Bin Hacking:

dahack 1st_read.bin 2nd msinfo number
dahack Intro.bin 2nd msinfo number
dahack Q3_usa.bin 2nd msinfo number
dahack Ginxfer.bin 2nd msinfo number
dahack Ginreset.bin 2nd msinfo number
cdda 1st_read.bin
cdda Intro.bin
cdda Q3_usa.bin
Binhack 1st_read.bin ,ip.bin files & input 2nd msinfo number


Boot: Quake3 Arena PAL – Selfboot


Game Type: Katana with CDDA
Tracks: 16
BOOT.BIN : 1st_read.bin
Protection: Yes
Ripping time: 27 hours
O/S – Windows Settings: Win 98 SE / HyperTerm / 115200
GZIP Size:
track03.iso.gz 286Mb
track04.raw.gz 27.5mb
track05.raw.gz 25.3mb
track06.raw.gz 34.5mb
track07.raw.gz 32.4mb
track08.raw.gz 30.1mb
track09.raw.gz 28.5mb
track10.raw.gz 32.5mb
track11.raw.gz 24.6mb
track12.raw.gz 28.7mb
track13.raw.gz 31mb
track14.raw.gz 19.71mb
track15.raw.gz 20.9mb
track16.raw.gz 19.8mb
track17.raw.gz 22mb
track18.raw.gz 15.1mb
track19.raw.gz 15.2mb
track20.iso.gz 204.7mb start sector=430093

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