Pedro Leonardo Granata (Argentina) – August 22, 1997 –

Bien. Relmente muy bueno todo esto!
Felicitaciones y segui mejorandola ! Smile
Nos vemos en Sk Smile
JaK BBS & Sk-NetWork

~Laverne (TX) – August 15, 1997 –

Thanks for a great web site and keep up the good work!

Ariel Fazio (Argentina) – July 23, 1997 –

Excelente página, muy bien diseñada. Vine para bajarme el MBK, que me recomendaron en Sk-Network, realmente es una excelente página.

mike ehlert (Southern California) – June 30, 1997 –

Just passin through to see whats new here…
I’m no longer connected to any fidonet echos so I’ve lost contact with most of the RA folks out there….
… I might re-appear in a couple months if all goes as planned.

Jose Manuel Salomon (Mexico) – June 17, 1997 –

Felicidades Bucanero! una magnifica pagina.
Congratulations you have a great page. Please come to my place and have a good time.

Saludos desde Mexico

Isaac (Mt. Vernon, WA) – June 11, 1997 –

GREAT SITE!!! Come see mine and remember to sign my guestbook.

Diego Laplagne (Argentina) – May 11, 1997

hola! tenias razon, ahora anda.

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