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Game: Sonic Adventure 2, Pal
User: The Gorrila
Date: 2001-07-06 18:33:10


Adx to mono, had to make them loopable again, took ages!!
SFD downsampled
EVENT_ADX.AFS removed, replaced with a 0mb dummy
Internet Option stripped, and internet bins removed (2_dp.bin, SG_DPLDR.bin and MAIGO.bin)
Jap text removed

Bin Hacking:

hack3 1st_read.bin
CDE4436A —> 09000900
10320D8B —> 08000D8B


Success, nice selfbooter with room for a 50mb dummy


In the 1st_read.bin, removed reference to sg_dpldr.bin (therefore the internet files could be stripped)
Replace the IP.bin with a homebrew IP.bin because the origional IP is protected

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