VMU Backup Tool released

Well, first of all, this is my first homebrew app I’ve developed for the DC. (so don’t be too cruel)

The main idea behind it was to backup all my VMU savegame files to my PC, using my BBA. I saw the Vorlem app but it was designed for the coders-cable so I decided to code an app by my own.

This first release (v0.0.1) has been tested by me (under Win 9x and XP), and it works great backing up my savegame files from the Dreamcast to my PC using the broadband adapter.

You’ve to use DC-TOOL to load VMUTOOL.ELF, and then use your DC controller to select wich VMU you want to backup. Press “A” and all the files will be copied to your PC’s root dir. (C: in Windows) To exit the app just press START.

I would like to share this app with the DC community, so everybody can send their opinions, suggestions, bugs, code fixes, etc.

Download at SourceForge

In the next release, I will add the ability to load files from PC and save them on a VMU, and also I could add a cd-r -> vmu option, like BlueCrab did in his VmuCopy app.

thanks for all, and don’t forget to test it and send your comments!

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