Back from the grave… with VMU Backup CD!

Well, I’m back from the grave!… Over a year has passed without doing any development for the mighty Dreamcast!

So I’m posting this note to let everybody knows that I’ve just released my new “VMU Backup CD”!

I guess you’re asking “and what is it?”… in short, its the greatest VMU save collection ever made! (what a humble definition, uh?)

But its not just +3000 vmu saves for over 300 DC games, because everything is packed with this pretty neat VMU app that I’ve coded specially for this disc, so you can browse all the games, see all the saves and read the description of each save.

So, go and grab this 10 Mb selfboot CDI (made with Padus DiscJuggler 4.1) and have fun!

Download links: SourceForgeMy Web SiteScreenshots

Btw, interface uses: UP & DOWN (digital pad), L & R triggers, A (select), B (cancel) & Y (display credits)

please test this app and post your comments here!

greetz, c ya

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