Barbi superestar…

Taken from a C source code from 1994:

My sister and I were driving along the other day when she asked me, what
would I like for my computer.
I thought long and hard about it, and came up with the following
hypothesis. When a girl gets a Barbie doll, she then wants the extra
ballgown for the doll, then the hairbrush, and the car, and the house,
and the friends etc.
When a guy gets a computer, he wants the extra memory, the bigger
hard drive, the maths co-pro, the better motherboard, the latest software,
and the bigger monitor etc.
I told my sister all of this, and finished up with : “So as you can
see, computers are Barbie dolls for MEN!
She called me a chauvinist. And hit me. Hard.

– Grant Smith, aka DENTHOR of Asphyxia

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