50 Things you don’t say while having sex

This was posted by TheDutchJoker at The Dragon. Enjoy! Grin

01. Is it in yet?
02. Is that it?
03. You have to be kidding me
04. (phone rings) Hi? Oh, nothing special. You?
05. Am I supposed to pay you for this?
06. Should I call you tomorrow?
07. Oh mama, mama!!!
08. Oh daddy, daddy!!!
09. You look better in the dark.
10. Oh, this is much better than with my last boy/girlfriend.
11. I thought it was supposed to go into the other hole
12. Don’t tell my husband/wife
13. You have the bra as my mom (particularly bad if the girl says this)
14. This sucks
15. Could you hurry up a bit? I have to go to a meeting
16. I hope you’re not expecting a raise
17. I think this could make you get the job
18. Damn, is that all you know ?!
19. Did I mention I have herpes?
20. We have to get married now
21. Hurry up, the game is on in a few!

22. I’m hungry
23. I’m thirsty
24. zzzzzzzzzz
25. Are you trying to be funny?
26. Can you drop me off when you’re done?
27. Are those real?
28. Before I forget, I’m breaking up with you
29. What is that smell? Is that you?
30. You’ve never done this before?
31. WOW! I’ve never seen boobs like that! (and then start grabbing them)
32. Do you know what certain female spiders do after mating?
33. You sure look like your sister
34. Your mom’s pretty nice
35. What did you say your name was?
36. Do I really still have to be here in the morning?
37. Again? I had trouble staying awake the first time!
38. Owwww, and you had just started
39. You’re almost as good as a 9-year-old — and I can know!
40. Don’t touch that!
41. You wanna order a pizza?
42. I think my dad is eavesdropping
43. Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!
44. Is there anything nice on TV?
45. Get your hand away from there!
46. I think the condom tore 10 mins ago
47. I knew you had a stuffed bra!
48. “Cover me guys, I’m going in!”
50. The ceiling needs some white paint Wink

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