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Game: D2
User: Hykan
Date: 2005-09-25 18:43:01


The game is too big to fit even on a 99min CDR. Something have to be

All the *.AFS have to be downsampled to Mono (22050Hz wont work) to fit the
disks on 99min CDR. The movies may have to be dwonsampled too. Its also
important to arrange small files and movies (.sfd and .m1v)(and avoid
.pvm,.stm,.stn sets) so that they are wriiten to the inner part or a CD
and big files (animated videos) to the outer part of a CD, or else problems
will arise (hangs, reset to dreamcast main menu etc.)

The first disk session have to be LBA 45000. Since the second disk session
alone is not big enough for all the data, the first session has to be filled
with data too and dummied to the required LBA45000.
It is impossible to fit the game on 80min CDRs.

Note: What Belokk have done to his release of disk 1 is ripped the ending movie
and downsampled *.AFS to mono AND 22050Hz**, But the game seems to be hard coded
to 44100Hz, hence the crappy sound and resets when the audio ends before the

Disk 1:WORLDEV.AFS,COMMON.AFS downsampled to mono
Disk 2:WORLDEV.AFS downsampled to mono
ZR17D11.M1V downsampled from 1199 to 800kbps
Disk 3:WORLDEV.AFS,COMMON.AFS downsampled to mono
ZDUMMY.M1V downsampled from 1997 to 800kbps (not really necessary)
The GD is too big to fit on one 99min CDR! The files and the
movies are distrbuted betweet 2 CDRs, 3A & 3B: Musician’s House Musician’s House Sorceror Disk 3A Priest House Disk 3A Musician’s room Martha’s House Disk 3B From the bridge onwards
ZGM03.SFD Disk 3A Laura’s first vision
ZGM04.SFD Disk 3B Laura’s second vision
Note:All the above descriptions are just my wild guess
Disk 4:ZOPG.SFD (opening movie) downsampled from 2419 to 1000kbps

Bin Hacking:

Binhack 1st_read.bin to 45150
if ya dont it wont work
plus burn to 99min cds


The game has been ripped and tested to be 100% working


The images were created with a variation of Echelon’s method and hex edited
directly into Nero format without burning to CDR first.

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