Apollo Save Tool released

It’s summer, you’re spending the days between the sun and the swimming pool… so what do you do with that amount of free time? You make Apollo, a new homebrew app for the PS3! Grin

you might wonder… why is it called Apollo?
Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Since this project was born using the Artemis-GUI codebase, I decided to respect that heritage by calling it Apollo.

So, without further ado, let’s present Apollo:

Apollo Save Tool is an application to manage save-game files on the PlayStation 3.
The apollo-ps3 homebrew app allows to download, unlock, patch and resign save-game files directly on your PS3.

Download link (latest version)
As usual, full source code is available on GitHub

See the full project’s README for more information.

Feel free to share you comments and ideas! Smile


  • Easy to use: no crypto-key configuration or advanced setup needed.
  • Standalone: no computer required, everything happens on the PS3.
  • Save files listing: quick access to all the save files on USB and the internal PS3 HDD (+ file details)
  • Save SFO unlocking: allows the user to remove the copy-lock flag, enabling transfer of Copying Prohibited save files.
  • Save PFD resigning: allows the user to resign save files made by other users and consoles.
  • Save downloading: access to an Online Database of save-game files to download straight to your PlayStation.
  • Automatic settings: auto-detection of PSID and Account-ID settings.

12 thoughts on “Apollo Save Tool released”

    1. Hi your save doesn’t work, you can resign the save but when you load profiles in the game it’s appear like corrupt data profile.

  1. Bucanero, your work is amazing.

    I don’t know if you think about saving and transferring trophies too, it would be awesome.

    Just wanted to thank you

  2. Hello there Bucanero, i would appreciate if you could add encrypt PFD files in your apollo save tool because i do hex edit in my save files.

    1. Hello
      I think you’re lucky Smile in the latest version (v1.5.0) I added an option to import decrypted files back to the original save-game.

      So, if you do manual hex editing, you can use that option to import back the edited file. It has to be in decrypted format, as Apollo will re-encrypt it as required by the game and PARAM.PFD .

  3. Simplesmente Incrível
    Será que em uma próxima atualização seria possível adicionar a conversão RAW para Saves de PS1 ?

    Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho

  4. oye bucanero porque cuando edito los trofeos no me da los trofeos? la verdad es que te digo que eres de mis modders favoritos de la comunidad de ps3

  5. I have an error when cheating the game Skyrim, the error is: “Error! cheat codes couldn’t be applied

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