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  1. Hello Bucanero!
    I kindly ask that in the next Apollo update, put hack’s for Dante’s Inferno
    And so that Artemis adapts to the RPCS3, because due to the lack of the PS button it is not possible to activate the cheats…
    (Apollo works normally on RPCS3 Grin )

  2. Hola Bucanero, saludos desde Ecuador.
    Tengo 2 PS3, y desde este 2022 no he podido acceder a la base de datos de partidas guardades con Apollo Save Tool, he probado borrar la aplicación y reinstalar sin resultados, no sé si se debe a un error mío o hay algún problema en la aplicación. ¡Muchas gracias por tus esfuerzos!

  3. I have a few saves, particularly for games like Street Fighter III to upload, I think it’d be cool to see those, I’ll put together a link soon.

  4. Can’t praise enough ALL the hard Work! AST os the best app onPS4!
    I haver a sugestion to the savegame database, If possible. There are basically two kinds of people who seek savegames: trophy chasers and Starter Saves chasers. I’m the Second kind, I don’t care about trophys or beat the game and collect every single on the game. I play for the story, not the difficulty. I Work hard and my time is short for playing, so I want to play easy. My Idea, since a database of savegames are being implemented, is to separate Starter Saves from Trophy Saves. Gets hard to search every single file and descriptions to find what you want. I don’t know from where the Saves come from, but they should be explicit on the descriptions, and sometimes they’re not. Well, Just an Idea. Thanx anyway!

  5. Hi, I’d like to start with the development of homebrew for nds. Do you have any tips? Can I help you in some way? I have a good knowledge of c/c++ and other programming languages.

  6. Hi my dude, does the apollo and pkgi apps work fine with HEN? I mean deleting syscalls with webman mod deletes the syscalls, those apps have syscalls? if they have, idk, im not a programmer.
    Thanks for the apps.

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