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Nov 25 2007

My Dreamcast source code on SVN

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For those who are worried…. my Dreamcast blog is not dead! I´m just pretty far away from the DC scene lately, and I don´t have the needed time to keep developing new stuff. So, before everything gets vanished from my hard drives, I decided to upload into SourceForge´s SVN servers the source code from all the Dreamcast [...]

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Jan 25 2007

Shenmue PAL Save Converter (Beta)

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As I´ve promised at, I made the Shenmue Save Converter so you can load your completed Shenmue 1 save on Shenmue 2 PAL. Download the beta version: shenfix_beta.rar If someone wants, burn the selfboot image (Padus DiscJuggler .CDI) and try it out. Some notes about it: you might notice the logos and screens saying [...]

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May 20 2006

GameShark / ActionReplay CDX Cheat Code Database

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So… yesterday I was messing around with some files I had with tons of GameShark codes, and I decided to build an online Dreamcast cheat code database using PHP+MySQL. Right now there’s 3500+ GameShark/ActionReplay CDX cheat codes for 254 dreamcast games, but I’ll keep adding more games and codes I’ve around. I also have a [...]

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Feb 11 2006

VMU Saves update

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Some weeks ago I used my VMU2GIF tool with all the Dreamcast saves I had around, just to see how strong was my tool after all. With all those Dreamcast icons around, I had to do something with them. So, I uploaded those .gif icons to my web server and now I can proudly announce [...]

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Jan 12 2006

DC Save Converter v1.0 released

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This new Win32 GUI tool I´ve just released will help those who want to easily convert Dreamcast savefiles from .DCI, .VMI/VMS or plain raw saves to PlanetWeb´s .VMI/VMS format or Nexus .DCI format. You’re also allowed to edit the file’s attributes like name, date, copy protected flag & data/game flag. As an added bonus, this tool allows to [...]

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Dec 30 2005

VMU2GIF v1.0 released

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Today I’ve released another command-line tool for handling Dreamcast VMU save files. This tool is called VMU2GIF and allows you to extract the animated icons from save files (either in .DCI or .VMI/VMS format) and save them as .GIF files. Here are some VMU2GIF examples, taken from some well known Dreamcast games:    Downloads for [...]

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